Has anyone done the HST program? It popped right up in a Google search, but no one's mentioned it on MDA in the last year. I had stalled on Stronglifts 3x5 and was looking for something different, something more about hypertrophy over strength.

Here's a quick overview of HST.

- For 9-12 days, do nothing. They call this strategic deconditioning, which lets your muscles respond to very light loads. Yeah, that sounds kinda made up to me too.
- Weeks 1 & 2: Pick a bunch of exercises. Work out three times a week. Do every exercise (no split) for 1 set, 15 reps. Start light and bump up the weight each workout, until you reach your 15 rep max at the last workout.
- Weeks 3 & 4: Same thing, but do 2 sets of 10 for each exercise. Start light, work up to 10 rep max at the last workout.
- Weeks 5 & 6: Same thing, but with 3 sets of 5. Work up to 5 RM.
- Weeks 7 & 8: Some flexibility here, just do heavy stuff. Negatives, drop sets, continue with your 5 RM, or try to improve it.

I'm so used to doing 2-5 reps that this 15 rep stuff is a bit of a shock. Feels great though! I'm going to have to make some tweaks (no way am I doing 3 sets of deadlifts 3 times a week). But I was wondering if anyone here had tried it.