I'm joining the army in November. I've been working out, but finally put together more of a set routine to work on two specific things: endurance when running and overall strength/flexibility. My friends have helped me put together this routine, and I think it's pretty good so far. Please let me know what you believe should added/fixed/removed, or any suggestions you have.

Obviously I won't stick to doing these workouts on each day of the week, but I set it like this just to provide visual help for myself. So, on Sundays, would it be best to just rotate my Tuesday routine with Friday every other week?

Right now I have it so I have 3 running days a week, and 3 lifting days. Is that best or should I spread the lifting out throughout the week?

- LSD (long slow distance run, start at 3 miles, add .25 each week).

warmup (light jog & stretch)
squat (4x5 - 80% of max weight)
box jumps (15 total jumps, high box)
pull ups/chin ups
- deadlift (5x2)

- rest

- CHI (constant high intensity run, 85% effort for 12 min, add 1 min each week)

warmup (light jog & stretch)
bench press
pushup series
- overhead press (5x3)

- INT (intervals, .25 mi repeats, 8 times)

- warmup (light jog & stretch)
- planks

Thanks in advance for any help!