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Thread: strive for consistency

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    strive for consistency

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    I'm shooting for an 80/20 run (some dairy and starch's cycled thru out the week.)
    During the week I wake about 4:30 am for work. I plan on IF til noon. Meat, nuts big salad and maybe a piece of fruit for lunch. get home about 4:30 snack on aplain greek yogurt with a little honey pre-workout then

    Either weights, bw circuit or sprints. I like a lot of Ross Enamaits stuff I also throw in jump rope, hitting the heavy bag, sandbag shoulders, carries etc. currently I'm also training bjj but due to the current situation (Fed LEO) I'll probably be ceasing due to economic problems.

    Post workout probably a big omelet with veggies, protein shake w/ nut butter and maybe a sweet potato every third day or so.

    I'm laying down about 8:30 for bed

    So far today

    5 min jump rope
    Circuit ladder 1 to 6 down to 1
    Lunges 40lb db's
    ab wheel partials

    finish tabata heavy bag

    3 mi walk

    6 eggs 1/4 cup cheddar and mozz
    1 cup cottage cheese 1/2 scoop protein powder and tbsp. almond butter

    corned beef, cabbage and little bit of potatoes tonight

    Slainte, Happy St Pats

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    Yesterday went well
    Pound of lean ground beef w/ 1/4 cup cheddar.
    Spinach salad w/ olive oil and vinegar
    Orange and a handful of almonds

    2nd meal leftover corn beef w/ carrots and another hand ful of almonds

    Did 18,pullups lunges and pushups and 20,min walk

    1,lb chicken breast ,spinach salad ,orange a greek yogurt and almonds

    19 pull, push,lunge

    Gonna lift today ME upper

    1- Inc bench

    2- db bench

    3a-seated rows
    3b-tri pushdowns

    4a-db shrugs
    4b- lat raises

    5- bb complex

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    Had a moment of weakness the other night my stepdaughter ordered pizza. other wise I'm on cruise control eating either beef or chicken and veggies for lunch and an omelet and protein shake at night. not gonna weigh or measure my belly for a week or two.

    Today "magic 50" push,pull, lunge 21 and hiking with my stepdaughter.

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