Hi Everyone!

This is my first time posting in the forum although I do read it and the website updates, every few days.

I am really in need of some help and advice and would appreciate any input to help my situation! I have been following the Primal Blueprint for over a month now and I have noticed such a difference! My energy is always high, my acne is clearing up thanks to no more lactose, and my strength training seems to be progressing.

However, I am Pescetarian (former veggie) and I had my gall bladder removed nearly 2 years ago. I am finding it hard lately to be satisfied by my meals...I tend to have oily fish, veg, fruit, greek yogurt, nuts, cheese etc on a daily basis, and until recently, eggs as well. BUT (here's another spanner in the works!) I have discovered after months of trial and error, that eggs are the cause of my really bad constipation, so for the time being have stopped having them and my problem has now gone

Although this is great as I am no longer constipated..it does mean my diet seems even more limited

I really would appreciate any advice from people either who had the same situation or anyone who could offer some tips for meals?

Thank you in advance!