I started this 21 day challenge as a skeptic but was willing to try anything to possibly find relief for my daily chronic pain. My starting weight was 240 (36 years old) and I had already lost 6 pounds the month before by cutting back my soda consumption to a max of 1 daily. I wasn't doing this challenge to loose weight as I had lost weight before and thought there are easier ways of doing it. Regardless I made a full commitment to follow thru with the plan for the 21 days and not cheat.

My 21 days ended and I am now down 17 pounds. During the 21 days I abstained from any beverage except water but did eat as much fruit and dairy as I wanted. For the first 4 days I felt like I was going to literally die of carb withdraws but now I don't really miss it at all.

Because of physical limitations I only do limited stretching exercises and walking which were the same as before but I feel they are easier to do now and don't feel so much inflammation and recovery afterwards.

What really got me to try this was the recent addition of horrible pain in my feet. The pain in my toes had been so bad that It was almost crippling me, the inflammation was so bad that it was visible just looking at them. I had even had my chiropractor adjust my feet and he didn't have any explanation for this "New" injury that was troubling me. After the 21 days the pain is basically non-existant even after lots of walking and the recent cold weather we've been subjected to in Florida.

Some other positive changes I noticed were these.
I have a family history of Diabetes and did not want this to happen to me. Before starting the PB I checked my blood sugar daily. Usually within 1.5 hours of eating it was in a range of the 120's but at the most was 140. My fasting blood sugar was usually in the 80's. Within days of starting the PB my fasting blood sugar had raised to the 90's but I found my after meal levels were also in the 90's. This was the first sign that really showed me how my body was reacting to the new fuel.

Before I was always thirsty and hungry but after the first week of PB I no longer find myself being hungry all day long or constantly needing a drink in front of me.

Processed foods also don't look appealing to me anymore. I've gone out to eat with friends during this challenge and while they were apologizing for eating bread in front of me I could've cared less.

I've found that there are lots of acceptable alternatives to things like bread, pasta, or rice that keep me satisfied without feeling deprived.

Most importantly I started this challenge fully expecting to be stopping it after the 21 days when it didn't work instead I found myself thinking that this is something I can do longterm and is just basically how I will live my life for positive health.

After being 100% Primal while doing this challenge my goals in my daily life are to be around 90%. Also eventually I hope to cut back on my fruit consumption to once a day. I noticed towards the end of the 21 days I didn't crave as much fruit as I did when I started. Also I found I didn't like the starchiness of Banana's as much and gave them up. Grapes and berries became a lot more appealing.

Eventually I may try to give up nightshades and see if that helps with my inflammation issues. I figure this is a growing process and as time goes by I'll learn what works and doesn't work for my body.

BTW my new favorite go-to salad item is a Tabbouleh made with chopped almonds instead of the bulgar wheat. It's even better than the original!

Looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me.