Hey all,

Long time lurker here. Hoping that somebody who knows more than I do can offer me some advice!

Female, 23, 5’9”, 165lbs, ~25% bodyfat

Basically, I’ve been following Starting Strength since the beginning of December (after a few months of lifting, but not nearly eating enough), and I am continually stalling on squats. For the first three months, I was calorie cycling, eating 2500 on working days, and 1500 on resting days. When my squats refused to budge anymore (even after a deload), I finally decided to bite the bullet and eat what I probably should’ve been eating all along, ~2500 every day. Squats haven’t moved. Despite my squat troubles, the rest of my lifts have very slowly been increasing (5-10 lbs/month). Since increasing my calories, I have definitely gained a bit of fluff, mostly in the midsection area.

Current lifts (1RM):
Squat: 160
Deadlift: 190
Overhead Press: 75
Bench Press: 85
Clean: 90

(My presses and cleans mostly suck because I have an old rotator cuff injury that affects the stability in my shoulder)

Current macros:
Protein: 150-200g (usually ~170)
Carbs: 200g (more on working days)
Fats: whatever’s left in my calories ~100g

I eat modified paleo, including dairy. I mostly eat potatoes for carbs. Everytime my squats have stalled in the past, all I had to do was eat more and they’d start moving again. But now that I’m eating, I didn’t expect them to stall again so soon. I used to row competitively, and while we never did max squats, we did max deadlifts, and I could pull an easy 300# off the floor. So I know it's genetically possible for me to lift heavier than this.

Also, in addition to lifting 3x a week, I walk about 35-50km through considerably hilly terrain and row sprint intervals 1x a week.

Should I be eating still more? Changing my macros? Is this really the end of my linear progression? Any advice appreciated.