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Thread: Ran a 10K in my Vibrams...and now I'm dying. Advice?

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    Post Ran a 10K in my Vibrams...and now I'm dying. Advice?

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    Hi guys,

    I hope this is the right forum. Anyways, yesterday I ran a 10K, my longest run in over a year and way past my longest run in my Vibrams (I've done a mile or two, mostly interval stuff).

    Needless to say, I was dumb. I also pushed very hard because I was part of a team that was competing. The 10K was on asphalt with varying degrees of hills.

    Anyways, I knew while I was running what was going on but pushed through. The last mile was a pain for every step and I knew what would come as a result.

    Obviously, today I can barely walk. My calves are screaming in soreness, the higher the more increased pain and soreness. Quads are virtually useless. Lower back is tweaked. Bones in both feet hurt considerably. Knees feel out of whack.

    I know I'm an idiot. That's been established.

    Anyone have any tips to make this more tolerable and improve healing time?

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    Take an ice bath?
    All you can do at this point is wait it out and build up your muscles and joints for next time. I hate asphalt. Even walking around town on the cement for too long hurts unless I always walk in patches of grass. I can't imagine personally running a 10k on asphalt in them but my brother is running a 10k in a month doing exactly that and I think he will be fine because he literally wears them every singe day and has strengthened all the right muscles.

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    Sorry Baker, that sucks. I don't know what will help you now other than maybe a good massage, but I do know that you took it way too fast! You already knew that too though. I've been walking in my Vibrams since last July, and running in them since this past January, so my 10k on Saturday was no problem. You definitely have to give your feet and legs time to build those small muscles though, unfortunately you'll have to suffer through some recovery first. I hope you're feeling better soon!
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    Ice, Badger Balm and rest.

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    A great way to recover after hard training, a little trick that I use a lot, is laying on your back on the floor with your legs up a wall or on something high up like the back of a couch.

    You just lay there and try and relax your entire body while the blood from your legs flow down to your core. Once your legs have fallen asleep, you stand up and let the recycled blood flow back into them. Works wonders for me.

    And I second the ice bath suggestion above. They are great.

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    In addition to an Ice bath you might even want to do a cold/hot/cold bath and add some Epsom salt to the hot bath. Some gentle self message would help as well.
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    or some gentle message from someone else..


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    Cool guys thanks for the tips so far I will be implementing all of these...I seriously do not know what I was thinking.

    Duke, I'll test that out now.

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    Deep Cold Gel may help, don't bother with heating gels, etc. Other than that rest, Ibuprofen may take the soreness out a bit too, but the only cure now is time
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    I have followed most of these rules when I find myself overdoing it. I think upping the fish oil is a big help.

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