I joined up last year and began doing the Primal thing for about 3 months and was probably doing 80% primal in my diet. I lost around 14lbs in that time, but I was made redundant from my job and fell off the wagon so to speak. I'm now ready to get back on the primal road and was hoping someone maybe able to answer a few questions for me.

The main problem I have is around breakfast time where I don't have time most mornings to make a decent breakfast and normally find I'm having a couple of apples andthen feeling hungary and snacking.. so.....

1. Whey protein supplement - i have this and wanted to know is it just a general replacement for a meal or can i have it as a snack or is it just best to have after a workout ?

2. Do you have to cutout cereals like museli completely ?

3. Is there an alternative protein/carb supplement that is recommended ?

thanks in advance