Hi all,

A bit about me:

I'm 24 (well, next week, the 25th, I will be). I have two University degrees- one in Communications and Film, the other in Honours English Literature and Creative Writing. I live in the country. I'm a divorced single mom to a 10 month old daughter. She's amazing. She lights up my world.

I've been paleo for the past couple of months (since October-ish). I do have cheat days, because of the way my boyfriend and his family eats, but those happen only a few times a month. The cheat days have been decreasing, because sometimes I avoid eating with them.

Before I was paleo I was a gluten-free vegan. I was a vegan for 8 years, 2 of them being raw vegan, and 4 years of that being gluten-free vegan. Before going vegan, around 17, I had an eating disorder. It was awful. I then went raw vegan and went down to 76 pounds, and almost died. I got wrapped up in my ED and the raw vegan dogma. I woke up one day and realized I needed to gain back weight- so I did. Took a few months- I mainly ate peanut butter and hummus to do it. I then went vegan and ate tofu, all the gluten-infested fake meats, and sugary soymilks and soy ice creams... I went gluten-free after about a year of that, but still ate junk, though I went through periods where I ate no sugar, and borderline raw, as well as gluten free. I was very strict about being gluten-free when I was doing that for 4 years.

After giving birth to my daughter, I played around with being a grain-free vegan. I lost the weight very fast- within a month. And then in October, like I said above, went paleo. I have more energy than before when I was a vegan, and I like how when I exercise I actually see muscle development. I worked out when I was vegan, and never saw muscles develop.

I eat the standard paleo diet. Lots of meat, some veg (I've cut down, and on fruit as well), eat lots of fat. I'm currently trying to regain weight and get more muscular. I'm 5'6 and was 115 pounds 2 weeks ago, before I upped my calories from 2000 to 3000-4000. I'm currently (as of today) at 117.2. I've always been small, but recently my period has disappeared, so I'm trying to gain weight to get that back. It also disappeared when I had my ED, and took about 6 months to get back, after I regained weight to 120. I'm currently aiming for 120-125, in that range. I should also mention that I normally always eat more than most people. I can eat an entire roast chicken to myself, and eat other stuff later on. I've always eaten food in volume like this, however... it's not new.

I love hiking, and hike for an hour about 3 times a week. I lift heavy things about 2-3 times a week. I don't have a particular workout I do, or anything like that. I also like to do chinups and pullups, just because I find them easy and fun. Reminds me of climbing trees as a kid.

In the past week I've incorporated lots of coconut products in my diet for the fat and calories. I started off with making two batches of coconut cream (from this recipe. I added lots of maple syrup. I ate it over sliced bananas and berries), and ate all that within two days. I've never tasted anything so so good!!! And good for you! I also made coconut bark (3 cups coconut oil, a cup of raw almonds, 2 cups of coconut flakes, half a cup of honey, and a couple of tablespoons of an old Enjoy Life chocolate chips package I had lying around. I figure if OMGPaleo uses it, then it's fine. And I'm not buying more anyways. I then put that in the freezer, and let it harden, before breaking into pieces. I've been eating a lot of that). I think I'm averaging around 6-10 tablespoons of coconut oila day now, and have seen no adverse reactions- besides my face filling out and looking less drawn, maybe an improvement with my acne, and definitely feeling satiety for the first time in a long time.