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    I would really consider eating plenty of vegetables and some fruits, just as part of a generally healthy diet - these are the living foods that contain an absolute plethora of nutrients that our bodies need. Personally I love eating meat too but humans are not carnivores and not all carbs should be avoided. You will still lean out on veggies and fruit especially at your age, if you're avoiding the breads/cereals/refined sugars
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darz View Post
    You can accomplish exactly that by eating plenty of carbs + you'll benefit more since carbs are more efficient in sustaining your workout - ketosis is unnecessary unless you suffer from epilepsy or some type of metabolic syndrome.
    well im testing it out u know bec i tried many things before i tried to go off bread and grains before but nothing happened(i wasnt of course eating any processed or junk food) so im trying this out and btw i have a very slow metabolism im an endomerph

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    Quote Originally Posted by egyption grok View Post
    im an endomerph
    No such thing. You're just miscalculating your caloric intake. How much do you weigh and how tall are you?

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    Getting sleepy is good, eg. It's a good thing

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