I started a journal elsewhere for 'take one' and then it occurred to me that this might be a better option. I named this 'take two' because after the first go around of 14 days of pretty strict primal, i purposely relapsed on a very large non-primal meal from a restaurant that must not be named yesterday. I had been experiencing cravings in the form of bread/dough for a few days and then, 'caved.' But it was conscious. So, this is take two. And I'm NOT expecting a take three.

I'm 45, closing in on 46. Almost two years ago, I stopped smoking cigarettes and gained some weight (as I expected) but no matter what, I haven't been able to really get it back off, despite my exercise routine. Over the past four years, I've made a decent effort to manage my weight and fitness level, through, fitness. Not trying to beat any records or anything, but did begin racing just to keep my motivation up. This year, I'm scheduled for two sprint tris, and a trail race series (that I've done two years in a row, so I already know its brutal) and a few 5k's with my dog for fun. I also mtb (some) and like to hike. I will say that the first change I noticed when I went primal was the decrease in energy and felt very weak and i was not starving. It did start to improve but at the two week mark, wasnt great. Hoping this time, will be better. The main splurge for me is dairy, but I do seek out the raw forms of it as best as I can. I use heavy cream in my coffee and have some really expensive cheese in my salads and as a side sometimes.

I like the fat thing and my favorite snack is trailmix with mixed nuts and coconuts and traces of dark chocolate.

Got sidetracked. My measurements are silly. 38, 31, 36, 37. So this translates to a L, M, 2x, S at the same time. Yes, I have a belly!!! I am female. I expect to work out 5 days a week, doing something. And look forward to lifting heavy things if my muscles can handle it.

Weight wise, I want to be somewhere between 115-125. Which means I need to lose at least, 10-15 pounds on most days. That is my goal. And being healthier in general. As for health conditions. I have neuropathy symptoms in my feet, arthritis (mild), high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

I'm glad to be here and welcome feedback.