Like so many other threads, I am at a stall and I thought I was doing everything right. 1200cal a day walking 15-20 miles a week, lifting weights a bit, and sprinting the best I can once a week without face planting.

I lost eighteen pounds in january, I was stoked, and then nothing. Absolutely stagnant for the last six weeks.

So I am reading all the threads, EMF, CIvsCO, all the old threads about pcos. Lots and lots of frustration but not much in the way of clear answers. So I dug around even more and run into this

Basal metabolic rate is decreased in women wit... [Fertil Steril. 2009] - PubMed - NCBI

I was stunned, and if its correct, then all of the regular bmr calculators are killing people like myself that think they are really doing great by cutting cals to 1200 a day only to find out that I'm still eating above my bmr that may be as low as 1000cal a day if I am also insulin resistant, which I believe I may be.

So what's a girl to do?

I am going to try calorie cycling.

Mon 1000

Now, I realize that most days I am not getting proper nutrition with this. So I am supplementing with a mulit daily, some D3 and also Magnesium.

Most days consist of 2 eggs with a bit of coconut oil and a tiny bit of cream cheese for one small meal, and then another protein and a non starchy vegetable for another small meal.
That pretty much adds up to 1000 easily. So far it's been a week and I haven't been terribly hungry. I am not planning to weigh in for another week to give it time and see how it goes.

Macros have stayed around 65%F 25%P and 10%C.

My question is, the higher days, is 1500 too much, or not enough. I am terrible with math and just picked 1500 because it seemed reasonable.

There has been much frustration, and doubt, and even a little depression about the stall. But if this is really how it is and I now know what the problem is, I don't care. I can still do it, even if the loss is a snails pace. But for all the girls out there that have pcos, maybe those regular BMR calculators don't apply to us and the failure is really lack of good information and not because we weren't doing our best.

Hopefully finding that one little bit about the significantly lower BMR helps someone else in my situation.