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Thread: BMR for PCOS and Insulin Resistance it may not be what the calculators say.

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    Another good strategy with doc's is to take someone in with you, both look well presented, this will help the power balance in your favour, if your 2nd can also be engaged in your health process even better maybe able to ask some things you may forget or pick up info you miss as these appointments tend to fly pretty fast.

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    Hi! I just want to mention a few things.

    First, if you had the time, please google for PrimalGirl and read her story. It's amazing, and she also dealt with PCOS and insulin resistance, depression, weight gain, etc.

    Second thing I want to mention is from my own story, birth control (I suppose you mean The Pill by this) really wacked my hormonal system including making weigh gain really easy and weight loss really hard, while before taking the pill I could lose weight almost by clapping. Seriously each year on the pill I gained 5kg so more than 10 pounds. That was scary. It wasn't how much I ate, when I ate little (as little as 1200 cal per day) I maintained my weight, when I ate as much as my body requested (because I was ravenous and thus ate until I wasn't hungry anymore) I gained. When I stopped with the pill I discovered that I could eat (Paleo) as much as my body wanted (in the beginning even a little bit too much if I may say so myself) without gaining.

    Plus I did a little bit of research in the past (sorry I don't have the links anymore if I had to guess via PrimalGirl and PaleoForWomen) on PCOS where they mentioned how birth control was actually a bad way of keeping PCOS under control as instead of healing your hormones it just changes them even more, usually to the worse.

    Good luck in your journey!

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    You should check out the research that Stefani Ruper has done. It's all from a paleo/primal perspective and a huge proportion of it all PCOS stuff:Paleo for Women | The Blog
    I hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omni View Post
    Fasting Glucose may be fine, but again is it at the high end of the range consistantly and if you have familial history of T2DM, then you should get your Insulin sensitivity/Glucose tolerance test, this requires you to load up on carbs for 2-3 days, yes pasta, rice, potatoes etc. and then after overnight fast, get blood drawn, then drink super strong glucose solution and draw blood at 1hr and 2hr's, this way they can ascertain how effective your body is at clearing excess glucose from the blood.
    Just wanted to highlight this because Omni made a very important point. A high fasting glucose appears when someone is quite far along in insulin resistance. For a long time prior to that, a person will experience elevated insulin levels. They are making extra insulin because they've become insulin resistant, but they're not so resistant (yet) that they can't manage to still clear glucose from the blood stream. I'm actually surprised that insulin measurements aren't part of the standard bloodwork for a very overweight person.

    On the calorie cycling, I did that, though not as regimented a plan as you outlined, and never intentionally low carb, and I lost weight very steadily (with very little exercise) right up until my weight dropped into the normal range for my height. My low days were 1200 calories at first and later 1400 calories because I just got hungrier as I got smaller. My high days were supposed to be maintenance level for my goal weight (1800 calories), but sometimes I blew it and they were in the 2000-2500 range. I saved my high days for occasions where only having 1200 calories to spend would have been a real bummer, so they were sometimes twice a week and sometimes twice a month. This worked better for me because I didn't feel so much like I was on a diet. I felt more like I was eating like the "naturally" thin women I knew.

    Now that I'm in the normal weight range for my height, I am finding that my BMR (now) is probably higher than the calculators say because I am eating at or slightly above maintenance and still very slowly losing weight. This is a complete shock to me because I was overweight/obese for nearly my entire adult life, with exactly the sort of infertility problems that women with PCOS experience. I was certain I was doomed to eat 1500 calories a day for the rest of my life. So don't despair just yet.
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    Thanks everyone for the advice and the new links for reading material. I couldn't stand it because I really wanted to know so I hopped on the scales and am down 2.5lb in the past week. I am going to stick with what I am doing with the calorie cycling.

    I will definately be getting some extra testing done at the MD. I think it will be helpful, so thank you all for the suggestions on what I need. Everyone is so helpful and I really appreciate it.

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    So, I started Paleo/Primal 3 months ago. Had ALL my blood work done (well tests that I knew to check for) and here are the results, I am pleased with them but I have concerns.

    Lipid Panel: Good Cholesterol is up, so is Bad's relative so whatever. Triglycerides which were 335+(docs test maxed out at 335 so it could have been much higher) dropped to 218. Total cholesterol was up but I don't care about that really, the triglycerides are my main issue. Awesome!

    Glucose fasting was 106-high but it could have been the strawberries I ate the night before. A1C went from 5.9 to 5.6 and that is great!

    Thyroid Panel was all in normal ranges for Free T4/T3 and TSH.

    I do have Insulin Resistance/Metabolic Syndrome and PCOS (DHEA-S was high-androgen).

    I have lost a few pounds, gone from 215lbs to 199lbs. I walk on average of 3-5 miles 5 days a week.

    I have another 55-60lbs to lose to get back to a healthy place where I feel good again. I haven't lost anything in over a month now and I would like to know what I am doing wrong.

    I am eating much higher fats than anything else as per many of the diet protocols for PCOSers. I keep my calories at about 1500-2000 a day because of the walking I do (it's not daily walking like counting steps all day, I actually have a set route that I walk that is measured out that is in addition to daily steps). I am in physical therapy to strengthen my lower back and core muscles because being fat has given me a bad lower back. Also, my lower back doesn't curve like most, it's totally flat so I do have some lower back flexibility issues. Anyway, as far as I can tell I am doing everything right. Am I just impatient or is there something I can do to increase losses?

    Other health issues: Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Adrenal Fatigue (Severe Panic Disorder inflicted it). High Cholesterol which is getting better.

    Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated. I am going through all the threads looking for answers or help too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasifrass View Post
    Thanks everyone for the advice and the new links for reading material. I couldn't stand it because I really wanted to know so I hopped on the scales and am down 2.5lb in the past week. I am going to stick with what I am doing with the calorie cycling.
    Congrats on the loss. If it's working, stick with it for now, however I hope when you come close to reaching your weight (or plateau, even) try and eat more. You definitely should not be eating so little for so long.

    I'm an inch taller than you, and just a bit lighter, and my BMR is ~1600. My mission is to lose weight but not starve myself (this time, hah), so I'm pretty much forcing my body to lose weight at decent calories (2000) as calculators say it should. It's slow, but I feel great. Now that I know the BMR is what it takes to survive if you're literally bed-ridden, it puts a perspective on what my body really needs.

    Since you weigh more, your BMR is actually more than mine, according to the calcs.

    As you wanted more calculators, here's a few I like.
    IIFYM Calculator
    Health-calc - Energy expenditure adv.

    Quote Originally Posted by BellaPorter;
    Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated. I am going through all the threads looking for answers or help too.
    I would actually experiment with lowering the fats you consume. Replace it with something of course, as your calorie level looks good. If you do well with starchy carbs, add some in instead. It might help with the Adrenal Fatigue as well...
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