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Thread: Primal and Spirituality

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    At this point, I am a follower of Jesus' teachings of helping the poor, not judging each other, loving our neighbors and enemies, and generally taking care of each other. I no long believe in a god or religion, and haven't for some time. I find that I get the most fulfillment in helping others, which I believe was Jesus' main message to us. I have more peace now in my life than I ever did when I was going to church and serving in a religion.

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    While I've found primal eating entirely compatible with my spirituality (ie Christian faith), today brought home to me how uncommon this is.

    After today's Easter drama we were supplied with a fully laden table of lovingly prepared food, almost all of which was heavily laced with grains and/or sugar. The best I could do was a slice of ham out of a sandwich, some apple and orange slices and a couple of pieces of fruit and nut cake. Fortunately I had (sadly) anticipated this and brought along a salad and boiled egg as well.

    It was evident that many people really had tried. Apart from the usual abundance of pizza, cookies and cakes, there were also ham, cheese and salad sandwiches, mini quiches in bread cases, some fresh fruit, a few carrot sticks with hummus, and a small plate of treats that looked to be made of nuts and seeds.

    So I'm a minority among Christians for the way I eat, and a minority here for my faith.

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    My god is human achievement. For one, I find that primal foods allow for greater achievement via greater health. For two, cultivating and cooking the foods brings you closer to nature, which promotes virtue (a cynicism component of my ethics). That's about it....

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