I've been following a primal diet for just about a year now. I've lost 25-30 pounds and generally feel great.

I went in for a physical last week and these are my results of my bloodwork:

TC - 298
TG - 53
LDL - 229
HDL - 59

I haven't spoken to my doctor yet but I imagine he is going to suggest I go on statins which I obviously would like to avoid.

I don't know which formula the LDL was calculated with, but assuming it is Friedewald, if i use the Iranian equation, my LDL comes out to 186. Which I think would still be considered "high".

I'm not sure what steps I should take next. I've read a bit on the forums and elsewhere online about potential problems with my thyroid that could cause high LDL or TC. Should I look to have my thyroid tested ? I've also read a bit about the VAP test which seems to be a more accurate measurement of LDL.

In terms of my diet, I eat a lot of meat, animal fat, and vegetables. I take fish oil and a good multi vitamin daily. I usually have at least one meal a week that is seafood, fish or shellfish.

Any thoughts ?