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Thread: Bloodwork - High LDL, High TC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptocode View Post
    Using Griff's work:
    TC/HDL = 298/59 = 5.06 (ideal = 5 or below)
    Trig/HDL: 53/59or 0.89 (ideal = 2 or below)
    LDL/HDL: 229/59 or 3.89 (ideal = 4.3 or below)
    According to Griff's "work," this guy should not have had a heart attack.

    It's up to you if you want your cholesterol to be in the higher or lower range. I can't tell you what's more ideal or if there even is an ideal. But should you choose lower cholesterol, all you have to do is eat more carbohydrates and less saturated fat.

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    Be sure to read Mark's blog today and watch STATIN NATION (First 13 mins) - YouTube. There's another good book on Cholesterol "The Cholesterol Con" which is an easier read than the other book.

    Really, even if you're not loosing weight, I wouldn't worry about those numbers at all. Your numbers are about the same as mine. I've completely stopped considering cholesterol as anything but good. I understand that the Pattern B and the VLC are detrimental, aslo that no tests are reliable. I hope that staying on PB will help eliminate them, but in today's world hoping is the best and least risky option.

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    Cholesterol means nothing. Sugar kills you. Sugar will cause inflammation which will cause cholesterol to kill you but, it doesnt matter how much cholesterol you have.


    Bullets dont kill people without a gun. Doesnt matter if your TB (total bullet) is 250 or 1. One bullet will kill you.

    Thats my super sick and dumbed down analogy.

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