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Thread: Here is an interesting theoretical article. Ancient humans as hunters.

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    I completely agree, Kochin. The difference between runners who put a hundred miles/week, all at pretty much the same hard pace, vs. runners who take the Primal approach. Mark has talked about this somewhere and mentioned that ultra marathoners seem to stay healthier than marathoners. Ultras don't and can't run flat out for 100 miles.

    Tzulogic - I recommend The Old Way: A Story of the First People by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, one of the first westerners to live with the San. No, they did not hunt like wolves or lions. Actually, anyone interested in Paleo should read this book.
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    I believe that humans are optimally designed for stamina in low-level cardio, i.e. ability to cover large distances mostly at walking pace or a slow running pace. Our ability to sprint cf most other mammals is pretty woeful.

    I'm sure that Paleo humans evolved this stamina not only for tracking prey, but also for gathering materials required for making tools and agriculture, plus for communication, general intelligence and information gathering. Mobility can confer a diverse range of benefits when it's not all about outrunning predators or catching prey.

    Ability to cover huge distances to collect water, which required a high degree of intelligence and communication, enabled Paleo humans to achieve top-carnivore status in most desert environments.
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    Ahh great memories, I have seen something similar to this, but the story was a little different. Anyway thank you for reminding me of this amazing story

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