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Thread: IFing(intermittent fasting) serious question,please answer ?!? im desperate

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    IFing(intermittent fasting) serious question,please answer ?!? im desperate

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    okey i had training today at 2 pm so i decided to eat lunch at 1 and just fast until the next day to 9 am so it would be a 16 hour fast , since i just didnt feel like i wanted to eat after training, so when i got home there was grilled chicken and i dont know what got into me but will i was drinking my chai tea i just walked up to the chicken and took the skin off and ate it uh plus one chicken tiny liver would this mean that my fast is over , i dnt feel like it made a huge diffrence it was one thigh skin which is fat plus like say 4g protein from the liver or most likely less, SO PLZ TELL ME WOULD I STILL BE CONSIDERED FASTING??!!!?? OH YES I DRANK A CUP OF COFEE BEC MARK SAID ITS GOOD IN A FAST

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    If you ate them then you broke the fast; correct me if I'm wrong, but by your desperation you seem to be obssessed with IF and forcing it rather than just making it a protocol that adjusts your needs. There's nothing magical about it - you ate the skin and the liver - big deal - you'll live.

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