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Thread: 311,500 to go...

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    311,500 to go...

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    Thats how much of a calorie deficit I need to be at my goal weight (and assumedly at my goal 'health')

    I need this journal for me...I need a place to put all of my thoughts and struggles and successes (no matter how small). And some times I may just need to vent about something totally unrelated to being Primal (if there is such a thing...).

    When I started this change, it was to lose weight...I have since learned that the weight I am currently melting off is simply a symptom of a healthier me. I started out March 22, 2010 at 254 with no energy, a sad attitude, and no doubt dwindling health. Today, May 2, 2010 I am 20 lbs lighter with a positive outlook, goals, and TONS of energy. Must be I'm doing something right...hehe.

    My 2.5 yr old got a concussion April 31st, 2010 which landed us in the ER and later admitted to the hospital for 2 nights and 3 days. She is still having some trouble walking, sitting up unassisted, and holding her head up. The intelectual in me knows she will most likely be fine, but the emotional hot mess of a mother in me is worried about all of the 'what ifs' that could be in her future. Gah and Ack.

    In any case, we will get through it all, no worse for wear...and tomorrow is another new beginning for me. A new beginning on learning to live primally while also learning to take care of my wee babe in a way I haven't done since she was an infant. Grok on - RAWR!!!

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    Thats awesome that you've lost 20 lbs! I'm sure your daughter will be fine. I know the mommy guilt of which you speak though.

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