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    Should I Order the Elk?

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    The restaurant where we will have our anniversary dinner has "coffee rubbed elk" on the menu. I only had venison a couple times decades ago. It was wild and I did not like it. From what I have read, elk served in restaurants is farm raised on mainly grass and alfalfa and sometimes supplemented with grain, primarily corn. I used to be a major beef eater until we moved to Ireland in 1982. All of the beef there was grass fed and my wife and I thought it was disgusting. We never ate beef again until I started eating 100% grass fed/finished ground angus about 6 months ago. I enjoy it but my wife thinks it tastes gross. I also get Wild Idea (distributed by US Wellness) grass fed ground bison which I like more than the ground beef. With all of this in mind, do you think I might enjoy the elk? Putting the taste issue aside, would you buy farm raised elk which may have been given some amount of supplemental grain? Thanks.

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    would you buy farm raised elk which may have been given some amount of supplemental grain?
    Honestly, it would depend on the other options. The only elk I've ever had was wild, and I liked it a lot. So, I'd probably order it to see how a professional preparation of it tasted. I like ground bison better than ground beef also.

    Venison on the other hand I've had wild and however the restaurant that specialized in it got it, and it's just too gamey for me. Just thinking about it makes me make the ucky face.
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    It's your anniversary dinner, order something you'd enjoy, don't worry about how it was raised or the "health" of it, listen to your tastebuds. If it sounds amazing, go for it. If something else sounds better, order something else.
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    I grew up where there was abundant venison and it was just ok for me - always a bit too wild-tasting. I ordered elk once (on my birthday on fact) and it was amazing. Very rich flavor - almost like liver. I say try it...

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    I can't even imagine not liking venison. I had it at a birthday dinner years ago and it was delish!
    Oh well, to each their own.

    No idea what elk tastes like, but if you're curious I'd say try it. It's your anniversary so if you don't like it, you can always get something else.

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    Order the filet mignon or the New York strip.
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    The elk is probably farmed, which is fine. Elk is my favorite type of meat, definitely order it. If you like lamb you will like the elk.

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    Order the elk Artbuc! You won't be disappointed! We hunt Roosevelt elk in Oregon. They are magnificent creatures and unfortunately for them they happen to taste incredible. It's by far my favorite of all wild game species! Sigh! I haven't been lucky elk hunting for two years. Maybe this year or I'll have to visit your restaurant. Enjoy and Happy Anniversary! Peace...5x

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    I eat a good amount of elk, and love it. I can tell the difference between wild and farmed, though (here you can only buy farmed at a restaurant--have to get wild yourself or from a buddy). I suspect the farmed ones have a decent amount of grains.

    Hopefully I'll get lucky and snag an elk this season.

    Also, in my experience the longer you cook elk the more gamey it gets. I keep mine fairly rare when it's in steak form.

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    Elk. Yeah baby. I'd rather have an elk steak than a prime grass fed ribeye from any bovine.

    Venison can be more gamey, which is good for sausage, chili, mexican preparations, meat sauces where the strong flavor is a plus. Venison steak just OK, roasts etc are too strong even for me.

    My father and brothers and I hunted elk for many years, and my son-in-law wants to start up again this year. Am doing squats to tune up the 58 yo legs. One year I carried 5 quarters down the mountain from 2 elk, 65-80 lbs/quarter, over a mile. Was a long day but good eating later.

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