The restaurant where we will have our anniversary dinner has "coffee rubbed elk" on the menu. I only had venison a couple times decades ago. It was wild and I did not like it. From what I have read, elk served in restaurants is farm raised on mainly grass and alfalfa and sometimes supplemented with grain, primarily corn. I used to be a major beef eater until we moved to Ireland in 1982. All of the beef there was grass fed and my wife and I thought it was disgusting. We never ate beef again until I started eating 100% grass fed/finished ground angus about 6 months ago. I enjoy it but my wife thinks it tastes gross. I also get Wild Idea (distributed by US Wellness) grass fed ground bison which I like more than the ground beef. With all of this in mind, do you think I might enjoy the elk? Putting the taste issue aside, would you buy farm raised elk which may have been given some amount of supplemental grain? Thanks.