Anyone else participating in this, or doing the workouts even if you're not logging them on the official site?

13.1 was INSANE. I actually did it twice because I was too much in my head the first time, thinking too hard about pacing and stuff. The second time around, I just shut out all strategy, kept moving no matter what, and increased my score by 23 reps. Honestly, I thought the workout was crazy stupid hard, though. Attempting as many as possible VERY heavy snatches after doing 100 burpees and 90 other snatches? That's not just crazy, that's stupid. That's an injury waiting to happen. I'm kinda glad I can't snatch the highest weight and had no way of getting to that level (although there's no way I would have made it within the time limit, either).

Looking forward to 13.2. We do them in our Friday classes, so I'll be hitting it tomorrow. I like short workouts, I like AMRAPs, I like triplets of small sets... the only thing I don't like about it is the box jumps.