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Thread: Military Food

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    Thanks for the suggestions, you guys! Our normal weekends at the Reserve Center are fine - our unit does not have cooks, they usually cater in food. The field is a different story, I did bring jerky, tuna (didn't think of the little bottle and oil, though... neat trick!) I was also thinking I could bring a few cans of Coconut milk.

    Deployments - I agree with XYZ, short term pain (eating crap) for long term gain (staying alive, to live primal another day!)q

    Being my age (48), gender (female) and perimenopausal really doesn't help - not making excuses - just saying I really have to be almost 100% Primal, and be diligent about work outs, and then... well, I am barely scraping by, however.... I am trying to heal my body from years of abuse... I lost half my thyroid, gallbladder - and who knows how much other damage due to gluten and dairy sensitivity! I am hoping (and believing) PB will help heal what ails me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xyz View Post
    just remember, those of us who have chosen to be protectors, may not always be able to what is best for ourselves in order to do what's best for the rest.

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