So, I eat paleo, probably around 50g carbs a day (sadly mostly in the form of like, barbeque sauce), mostly eating eggs, bacon, beef, pork, and all kinds of vegetables, sometimes nuts, rarely fruit. A few days ago, I moved to a nearby farm through the WWOOF program... basically it means I'd live here and work on the field from 8am-1pm. Waking up daily at 6:45am is enough for me to adapt to already, but the labor is something! Picking, shoveling... I can go to the gym and lift heavy things like a beast, but moderate activity for 5 hours gives me random bouts of fatigue, depression, negativity... the kind of stuff I would get if I ate badly or something. How can I alter my diet for this? Do I need more carbs? People here eat a lot of fruit, but eating a banana or something is still something that instantly makes me tired. Rhodiola rosea helps for the energy and mood aspect, but I think the MAOI activity that I am sensitive to gives me anxiety, even if I follow the food guidelines.

Normally I would only eat 1pm-9pm, but I started eating like 3 eggs with some coconut oil at 7:30AM (eating that early is so ridiculous to me, but I feel I need it for the work).

Also, should I just go to the gym and do my typical stuffs, but maybe 2x a week instead of 3?

Any input would help, thank you!!! Even a response to one little quip or question of mine. This 2+ month stay is meant to be a life-altering (not changing), meditative experience for me, and I don't want to stress about overworking, food, etc. I already feel mostly better off than I usually would be.