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    I think it has its place, but I'm too much of a hedonist to see it as much of a happy life.

    However, if it was used to break a bingeing habit, or when people are really up against it - like maybe interns who do 24 hour shifts, I think it could be a decent inclusion in eating well. It beats the heck out of grabbing something from Popeye's. And for the bingeing person, it might help redirect the habit of using food for comfort. This might also be a way to get nutrition to populations who don't get enough healthy food.

    And I agree with Otzi that it would be incredibly convenient to be able to get nutrition from people chow on occasion. We all have days when we're busy or feeling under the weather, or just don't feel like cooking.

    Neither of those would work for me as more than occasional things though. I love good food. Eat, Screw, Love - wasn't that a movie?
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    Quote Originally Posted by iniQuity View Post

    I'm all for fasting though. Seems like a lot of his feel goodness is coming from that and not from his powder diet. It'll be something to keep an eye on, but I won't be impressed after a few months. People have fasted on less for much longer.
    Exactly this. Hes talking about having more energy and better mental focus. Well isnt that exactly what most describe when first switching over to intermittent fasting? Hes eating at most 1500 calories a day so no doubt hes losing fat and his stress hormones are probably high which is giving him his mental focus and energy.

    Hes delusional if he thinks he can order 30 powders, mix them woth some olive oil and get the same effect as eating a days worth of whole foods.

    I still dont get how he thinks its more convenient? This guy must have a very warped view of food in general. Maybe hes one of those people that hates to eat? I know a few of them, they cant stand eating and dont get pleasure from the taste of food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    I'll tell ya, though, if they started marketing 'People Chow' it would fly off the shelves. They could have weightloss versions, muscle-building versions, old people, young people, sick people versions... All it would have to be is crunchy, flavorful and cheap. Wouldn't it be awesome to just buy 50 pounds of People Chow for like a month?
    They already have this. Its marketed as "cereal".

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    When asked what's in his concoction, he replied, 'Everything the body needs that we know of, anyway.'

    That, right there is the problem. We know very little about the complex nutritional interactions that happen in the body when we eat food. He may be a highly educated software engineer, but he is seriously naive and ignorant when it comes to health.

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    Haven't read it yet, but cooking and eating, done properly, is as much of a social-emotional thing for humans as it is sheer nutrition. And I absolutely do not find the mixing of nutrition powders to be anywhere in the same sensual universe as eating ripe strawberries, or rare steak, or fresh herbs, or awesome chocolate, or...
    I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC

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    What a sad life. I love my food and I enjoy preparing it and sitting down to eat it. I'd go crazy after a day of taking powders. I can't even tolerate protein replacement drinks. I like chewing, thank you.
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    No thank you. I've walked through gardens of wildflowers in the wilderness more elaborate and perfectly laid out than any billionaire's mansion landscaping. Nature knows what she is doing. I trust nature to create what I need, not some corporation whose mission is to cut costs and make a profit. Thanks, but no thanks. Enjoy your Soylent Green, buddy.
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    My ex always thought the time spent preparing good meals and cleaning up after them was time wasted, when you could just cram something ready to heat in your mouth. You could use disposable dishes and not have to wash. He spent lots of time nagging me about this and other nonsense. His next wife didn't like to cook and still doesn't care what she east. I understand he handles part of meal preparation now so they can eat something that approaches real food. They don't look particularly healthy. She used to be taller than me and she no longer is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iniQuity View Post
    Yeah, most of my meals are ready in less than a half hour.

    In his main article, he said something like "imagine if families didn't have to go through the ordeal of making food and eating it and blah blah" and I'm reading it like... that sounds horrible! what would families do instead? talk while sipping soylent? is that any different really? He also argued we've done women a great disservice by making them cooks, or something to that extent.

    I'm all for fasting though. Seems like a lot of his feel goodness is coming from that and not from his powder diet. It'll be something to keep an eye on, but I won't be impressed after a few months. People have fasted on less for much longer.

    Preparing food with loved ones, and then enjoying it together is special and sacred.

    This guy sounds boring. He's a programmer, so most of his hours are probably spent working and he wants a quick fix. Whatever. I'd probably vomit within a day of drinking that slop; it certainly looks like it.

    It's not real food. Tasty, varied, flavourful, starchy, fatty, meaty food. THAT'S why we eat: we LOVE it! The nourishing aspect of it is what keeps us aliive and well, but it's the experience that's worthwhile.
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    Another thing is the body is used to "packages" of food and nutrients, like if you eat salmon, it's packaged in the "ideal" way for you to get fat, protein, omega3, etc... I wonder how the body deals with the straight source? I mean, I take some supplements, but I stopped taking fish oil when I found a good source of it (wild caught sardines, I eat them almost daily) and limited my exposure to omega 6. I have nothing against fish oil supps, but I do agree with the theory that it's best to eat your nutrients, instead of taking isolated forms of them.
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