So obviously, being able to commit fully and go 100% (or 80%, as is allowed around here) primal/paleo would be the ultimate goal. But, it does take dedication, committment, and a bit more time, planning, inconvenience, etc. I don't mean to debate the merits of this way of eating/living, but to say that it does take a bit of effort to get there.

That said, over the last 9 months or so I've made a pretty good effort at almost completely eliminating processed, fake foods and eating more meat, vegatables, healthy fat, etc. Problem is the convenience thing gets in the way sometimes and it's just easier to eat a sandwich. Or some sushi with rice. Or use some kind of salad dressing other than o&v.

So my question there any harm to be done by not committing to this 100% (80%)? If I eat the fatty, grass fed steak and vegatables for dinner all week, but have a hamburger and pizza on the weekends, am I somehow compounding the negative effects. Or, am I making good headway by simply trying to eliminate as much "bad" stuff as I can? Is all the extra fat, cholesterol, etc. that we now understand to not be so bad somehow made bad by the inclusion of some grain, soy, etc.?

Make sense?