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    Quote Originally Posted by primalwitch View Post
    Thanks, everyone for the great responses. I am a cream kind of girl, never have liked creamers, so your advice is easy to follow! I haven't been able to find pastured half and half, just the heavy cream, but it's what I really prefer, anyway. I have used coconut milk in lattes, specifically pumpkin lattes, and it was amazing. Like someone else said, it was dessert-like! I prefer the regular cream in the morning, just strong coffee and cream. So if there is no reason to discontinue that, I'll just keep on with it. The whole corn syrup solids being "paleo" just really confused the heck out of me. I consider my eating style to be primal, but I wouldn't call corn syrup solids (whatever they are???) primal, either. Thanks again, all!
    corn syrup solids
    Web definitions:
    Dried corn syrup (derived from corn starch) is referred to as corn syrup solids. It has a relatively low level of sweetness (dextrose)

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    What exactly is in their creamer? i cant find ingredients list on this site.

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    Since I moved to Canada I've learned to appreciate some of their "truth in labeling" laws.

    For instance, you simply can't buy powdered "coffee creamer" up here. At all.

    Because it's called coffee whitener.

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    The idea that eating fat causes fatty liver is part of medical conventional wisdom and is probably wrong. The head of the metabolic clinic at Duke thinks fatty liver is probably part of the spectrum of metabolic syndrome and therefore more likely caused by eating too many carbohydrates for your metabolism! However aside from a small positive preliminary study I've not seen a larger study of people with fatty liver. Too bad; my hospital has a large liver clinic and NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis; liver damage associated with fatty change) is a significant and growing problem in our society. Guess how they treat it? Low fat diet; and it doesn't work very well.

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    Just gies to show you can slap a label on anything and make stupid claims.
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    "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research."

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    When I searched "caveman fuel coffee creamer ingredients" I found threads on Whole9 and a few other places asking about it as well. I just started working at a different office and initially thought this would be good to keep at the office, but as soon as I saw corn syrup solids, I just really had to wonder about it being "paleo". I eat Primal, as I said, but it just was one of those "huh??" moments. I will stick to my pastured heavy cream. I was pleased when I saw the hepatologist for the first time yesterday he was fine with me eating Primal. I think I was preparing to be defensive or offer a compromise if he wasn't okay with it, such as saying well I"ll cut out the heavy cream and use this... luckily, he was open-minded.
    Also, to the person that asked about the ingredients, I did find this: Caveman Fuel (Paleo Coffee Creamer) Calories and Nutrition Facts - DailyBurn Tracker

    I didn't eat corn syrup long before I found Primal, and I'm not about to start. Thanks again!

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