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Thread: Bad dairy reaction!

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    Bad dairy reaction!

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    A month ago I found out I had a positive IgG test to casein, and despite some questions about the validity of such a test, I decided to cut all milk on the recommendation of my nutritionist. Prior to that I had dairy every day, as milk, cheese, or yogurt.

    On the first weekend cutting milk, I lost five pounds, my face became thinner, and my tummy stopped rumbling. No. Gas. At. All. (hadn't been aware there was a tummy or bloat issue, because it was how I had always been!). That was pretty telling to me, and I've been very strict in avoiding milk all month.

    Today we had a party for my daughter's first birthday. Yesterday I baked a cake - a piece of which was my first planned cheat off my diet plan except a few home fries 2 weeks ago on Sunday. Though I haven't had cravings for dairy, I just couldn't resist the cream cheese frosting and ate maybe a tablespoon off the spoon.

    Almost immediately, my stomach began churning, and my gut was exceedingly unhappy, with several visits to the restroom over the next two hours, when it gradually subsided.

    Today I had some of the cake - without the frosting - and I was fine.

    Anyone else have such a dramatic reaction to milk? I drank the stuff nearly every day of my life - how could this happen after only a month?

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    Your body builds certain enzymes and reactions to deal with toxic substances (of which dairy would be for you), so essentially the reaction isn't as bad as it would be the first time. When you eliminate that ingredient (whether it be nicotine, dairy, ect...) your body isn't getting it anymore, and craves it.

    You eventually get over the addiction, and start to repair and rebuild. But if you re-introduce it, it's a NEW shock to the system. Hence, the extreme reaction.

    Based on the IgG test alone, I would of stopped right there. But now that you have anecdotal reasoning to stop, I would advise you stop.

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