Tomorrow afternoon we're picking up our kitten, Rosey, who we just adopted from the local animal shelter. She's 10 weeks old and absolutely gorgeous.
I plan to feed her an all paleo diet of raw meats (I will transition her over a week or two by mixing it in with some canned food). I just finished dicing up some lamb hearts, lamb kidneys and a beef liver. I also purchased a bag of chicken necks so I can give her one or two each week to gnaw on. I'll mix in a raw egg a couple of times a week too. Does the above mix sound okay, or should I add some none organ meats into the mix? I'm worried all those organ meats could be a little bit too rich for her.

I had to laugh at my Mother's horrified reaction when I told her we plan on feeding our new kitten only raw meats. She argued that cats need kibble / dry biscuits and that they can't live on raw meat alone - it must at least be cooked! Luckily she realised how silly she sounded and had a laugh when I asked her how often she sees wild cats sitting around the fire, cooking meat and grinding up grains to make biscuits