Hello everybody,

I've been about 80% primal for a year and a half (eat non-primal, carby meals around 3 times a week). I've found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant, which is really good news for DH and I. Also, I'm obese (why I haven't lost much weight is a good question. I don't know. I blame the 3 carby meals and not exercising enough. I mostly just walk and move slowly). I'm insulin resistant since I was 13.

Some other background info would be that I used to keep my carbs around 20-50 grams a day, with macros of 60% fat, 30% and 10% carbs, spontaneously eating 1300-1800 calories per day. After finding out I'm pregnant, I've upped my carbs to around 80 grams a day (aprox. 2 portions of fruit a day / fat 55%, protein 30% and carbs 15%) and 2100 calories a day (aprox. 75% of my total daily energy expenditure), just to make sure I wasn't in deep ketosis-- just in case. I've read what the forum and google has to offer regarding ketosis+pregnancy, and there are no conclusive answers. I tend to think there would be no problems, but.......

I've had some exams done by the doctor's orders. Most of them are fine (cholesterol is wonderful), but there are a few that are not right:

Insulin: 36.91 (normal: 3 - 25)
Glucose: 119 (normal: 70 - 99)
Uric Acid: 6.4 (normal: 1.4 - 5.8)
TSH: 11.63 (normal: 0.35 - 5) [T4 and T3 are fine]
**the day before the exam, I happened to eat 140 grams of sugar, all primal sugar

TSH is a worry for me, and the uric acid may be related to fructose, which may make me change the kind of primal carbs I'm eating. Still, the insulin and glucose numbers are my biggest worry. I want to know if you guys can help me figure out whether I can avoid developing gestational diabetes by controlling my carbs even further (make sure I keep them under 80 or lower?) and doing upper body small weights (maybe will help with insulin resistance?). Also, is there a way to control hypothiroidism through diet?

Thanks in advance!