Inflammation has basically been apart of my life for the past 3 years. TMJD (Jaw disorder) Neck pain, Headaches, and general systemic inflammation have done their best to ruin my quality of life. I have made progress lately with diet and exercise. I will overcome it. However, on days like today I just get angry, and depressed. I'm 23 dammit. I'm tired of being sick and tired and in pain. I want to live a happy healthy energetic existence.

Unfortunately, my inflammation comes back. It's like 2 steps forward, (Sometimes 3) one step back. Today I woke up with a real slammer. I just started keeping track of what I eat. I'm wondering if its the squash/sweet potato/red potato dinner. I haven't had any problems with nightshades yet, and the red potato was like 1 and a half small ones.

Here's what I ate yesterday, before feeling crappy today:

Food journal for the Paleo Diet - PaleoTrack

OKAY, I know that my macronutrients are out of balance. But I'm a poor man. I cant afford chicken or steak all the time, so I'm going to supplement with whey as soon as possible.

Can too many carbs also be inflammatory? Is that what this is? Because I've been super low carb lately, not by choice but by wallet. SO I've been feeling really really slow, and kinda crappy anyways. Only headache free! So I'm like, okay, I need some more carbs... If thats the real problem...Then I'll just have to limit myself to 175 on days where I'm getting lots of exercise.