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Thread: Digestion problems after 3wks paleo

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    Digestion problems after 3wks paleo

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    Hi guys. I went cold turkey paleo 3wks ago. Until this week, I was feeling fantastic. My gut is playing up, feeling a bit like IBS which I don't have. I still have dairy most days, milk and cheese in cooking, but I've stopped having yogurt because all the stuff here is full of sugar. Has any one else expierenced this during their early days? Should I start having yogurt again, even with the sugars?

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    What kind of yogurt are you eating? I eat Fage daily and it only has 9g sugars per serving.
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    On PB your body begins to change and adjust. One goal is for it to change from sugar-burning to fat-burning, but there are many, maybe hundreds or more, changes that it will make. I started 1 month with dairy (no problems), then dropped it for 2 months to see if that would be better. When I tried to go back, my body said no. IMO you have to do a lot of N=1 experiments; you have to try each one long enough to be sure of the response.

    I'd think that dairy with a lot of additives is worse than no dairy. I've found that no matter what the other dairy might do, aged cheese is good.

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