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Thread: I need help! This just isn't doing anything and I'm stuck for ideas.

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    I need help! This just isn't doing anything and I'm stuck for ideas.


    I posted not so long ago about stuff, especially about making sure I eat enough calories. Well, I've been doing (my version) primal now for nearly a month and I haven't lost any weight or inches. I don't feel any better - maybe just a bit actually as I'm not so bloated around the tummy area. My diet is typically between 500 and 1200 calories a day - genuinely! I've been eating fish as my main meal most days. I've added more fat to my diet some days. My main meal of the day is a ready meal so all the calories, carbs, fat etc are counted for me and it's better than my cooking. I tend not to eat until 3pm most days and have a single slice of seeded toast (9.5g net carbs - it has 5g fibre) with 1/2 to 1oz butter or I will have a lump of cheese - pre packed 1oz lump. Then about 8pm I will have my ready meal which is about 350 calories and 12g net carbs for salmon, green veg and 3 very small new potatoes (or max 18g on cod meal). The fibre per meal is around 10g give or take. If I'm very peckish I will have a sugar free jelly and cream or vanilla organic yoghurt after.

    This all sounds pretty healthy to me and is about as primal as I've been able to get so far - moving from 100% veggie to eating fish etc. Occasionally I will eat an egg but nearly gagged the last time I did. I will have them scrambled next time so I don't taste them!

    So, how comes I'm still a little fat blob on a diet like this??? And before you think it, I do not snack and forget about the snacks. I just don't eat very much. I'm really annoyed that nothing has changed other than losing the bloated feeling. I was feeling slimmer so I got the scales out tonight and nothing has moved. I thought that maybe I may have lost inches, but no! nothing, zilch.

    Exercise - walking a bit here and there. Looking for somewhere to live so bit distracted to say the least. Life is very stressful at the moment, but even this much stress and lack of sleep etc should not account for no weight loss or health gains.

    Please help someone.


    ps: forgot to mention, I have a day off each Sunday and eat more than usual, but first Sunday was a good day, but by the second Sunday I had lost my appetite anyway. So can't blame my permanent plateau on overeating one day a week.
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