Hello all!! I am new to the forum and fairly new to Paleo. I found Paleo after a brief stent with Atkins (which I actually found to be pretty satisfying in terms of a "diet") but I have a ton of digestive issues and am in the process of being tested for food allergies. I will note that I am not overweight, but am looking to still lose a few more pounds to be where I find ideal. For the past 2 months I have omitted all dairy and gluten/grain products from my diet with the exception of a little cheese or yogurt here and there and a poor meal at a family birthday party. I have been seeing significant improvements in the way I feel and cannot read enough info on the amazing science behind this diet. I still have a nasty artificial sweetener addiction that has improved but I have not totally kicked (baby steps) and am hoping my sweet tooth and carb cravings will subside when I finally get that cat in the bag. ** NOW STEPPING OFF OF MY SOAP BOX** And for the problem.. I am terrified of fat. I get it- it's healthy when you eat the right kind. It tastes awesome. It does not make you fat. BUT.... I have lost 15 pounds since I began my eating transition and given the fact that I am eating mostly super lean protein and veggies, I am by nature eating pretty low calorie. And I am TERRIFIED to start incorporating fat into my diet for fear that the weight will just pile back on, plus some. Can anyone share any insight (good, bad, or ugly) or experiences with this? I really want to be able to enjoy beef, bacon, avocados, and such but have basically been eating chicken breast, white fish, shrimp, and turkey with a ton of veggies (and the occasional fruit) and sugar free puddings (the nasty sweetener addiction) for the past 2 months. Thanks in advance for any info you can throw my way. Looking forward to being a part of the community here