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Thread: Organic veggies taste better - GMO impact on kid tastes?

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    I think it's the likely that organics are fresher by nature than conventional, though heirloom organic veggies definitely taste different. My 13yo son insisted that he hated strawberries his entire life. We went to a pick-your-own farm for fun one afternoon (not organic, but they used more natural practices than a commercial farm) and I made him try one. He ended up eating a pint by himself! (for the record, strawberries are one of the things I ALWAYS buy organic except in that type of circumstance)

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    That's excellent news, Teach. I am so glad to see a parents learning right along with their children. Yes, it's going to take a few years to learn, but it is SO worth it. A piece of advice: don't let failure make you quit. Keep trying until you get the results you're looking for! It's a very rewarding experience.

    Side note: If you're in subs of Chicago, you should still be able to grow some veggies, as long as you aren't a member of a Home Owner's Association that forbids it. That should really be the only thing that would stop you.
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