There are so many stall threads on here right now, and I was thinking about weight loss in terms of different types- fat loss, water weight and muscle wasting.

I think for me, water weight loss (and gain) is very immediate- 8-10 lbs in a few days, comes off in a week or so. Water weight comes on for mainly reasons of making bad food choices, and the longer I eat Primal, the less bad food choices bloat me. I feel like when people post "I lost 10 lbs in the first two weeks", they were losing water weight due to previous bad food choices and can not expect to keep up that pace. You may also be losing some fat and potentially muscle.

Then we have muscle wasting. In the past, my loss was very linear. Regular weekly loss, and when eating primally, when I was not working out, it was very similar. Regular 1/2-2lbs a week. I think muscle loss drove some of this (probably also some fat loss).

Now my fat loss is really random. It is not associated (that I can tell), with details of my diet. If I plateau not much of anything drives weightloss. I just start looking smaller, then all the sudden, a permanant loss of 3-4 lbs overnight. I might bump up or down a bit, but it seems to become my new weight until the next loss. I'm fairly certain it is fat loss now, and not water weight or muscle wasting. I feel like my body is just slowly discarding fat regardless of my diet, as long as my diet is reasonable. And it's like random, patchy losses of weight.

While it is comforting to lose the fat, and easy to eat this way, it is somewhat frustrating and confusing because I want a "cause and effect"- for example, "If I cut all dairy I drop fat". But this week, I have had dairy, a muffin, some sugar and a paleo treat.... and lost fat. For weeks, I ate strict Whole 30 and didn't drop an ounce. Yet I have lost weight on Whole 30 in the past. So I don't have a good "cause and effect", just an overall if I eat pretty much right, and work out, eventually I'll drop more fat off my frame.

I think for people who are overweight but have not traditionally been overeaters, it is really a strange process to lose fat.