I posted a few months ago about trying to conceive while breastfeeding. Nothing has changed since, no period or any signs of periods or fertility. I visited my traditional Chinese medicine doctor, and he told me that I most likely would not be fertile until I weaned my daughter. She's 21 months old now.

My husband and I want another child, sooner rather than later. My daughter still nurses frequently, not always for milk, mostly for comfort. Her solids intake has greatly increased in these couple of weeks, so I'm beginning to think maybe it's okay to wean her, or at least greatly cut down the nursing frequency.

My daughter has never had formula and refuses cow's milk and all dairy. We don't have access to raw milk anymore, and no goat's milk as well. Does she need milk? She eats vegetables, fish, meat, with rice. Any advice on what kind of foods she should have more of would be good. Here it's common for kids to be on some kind of formula until 4 years old.