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Thread: Climbing Towers

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    I got this idea from someone elsewhere. Check out the number of stairs in various towers. You don't actually have to climb the tower, you go up and down your own stairs until you've done the whole tower.

    Benefits? You can go at different speeds, carrying different loads. Going down stairs (and hills) hits different muscles from going up.

    Mother used to do this into her nineties and only stopped because she gets too breathless now on the uphills.

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    This used to my cardio until I went primal, would do anywhere from 1000-1200 steps everyday 4-5 times a week. Wasn't sure if it was primal, so now concentrating on my primal diet and going for walks. I'm planning to throw in 1 step-climbing a week soon.

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    It can be the indoor equivalent of a mountain or hill, that would be more Primal than a tower and I expect Grok had quite a few of them in his environment. Probably dragging a large dead animal up and down would be most Primal . . .

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