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    How about a post on adult acne? (I'm 20 - counting myself as an adult). How to treat it from a PB standpoint, dietary advice and stuff to put on skin. Apologies if one already exists - perhaps someone could link me.

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    Mine went away when I quit the HFCS, soybean oil and other fake foods, but still crops up if I eat dairy. We're all different, though. I also quit washing my face with anything but water. And if your diet is pretty clean already, try some dandelion. Most potent is the root rinsed, plucked of tiny roots, and eaten raw - but it's a BITTER flavor. It also works fine chopped and steeped like tea. Drink the water, eat the biggest chunks of root for good measure and - if you're like me - this will remove basically all redness from your skin for between two to five days. Green tea has a similar, but weaker effect. Definitely stay away from all omega-6 oils, and polyunsaturated fats like fish oil. Get plenty of saturated fat from things like tallow, coconut oil, and whole foods like eggs. Monounsaturated fats also seem to go over well, like olive oil and avocado. But fish oil, no. Zit city. Getting some sun on your face also helps!

    Topically, I recommend washing FAR less than you probably do and let your natural oils set up shop and get balanced. I have good luck showering about once every five days, and washing my face (water only, no other substance of any kind.) only when I need to shave, about once every two or three days.
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    I'd love a post on this :P I'm nineteen and have had terrible acne all my life. My face looked like the freaking moonscape before I quit the grains, though I still have to eat diary and that means I won't get rid of it completely... it is IMMENSELY better now, though.

    One tip is to put on the skin is animal fat. I've used lard, but tallow is supposedly better. Some people report that it makes their acne worse but I haven't had that. It smooths out my acne scars (which used to look like little craters in my face but are now little more than slightly large pores) and makes most of the redness from inflammations go away overnight. My blackheads DID get bigger, but they also dwindled in number and I'm going to stick with this for a while to see if that settles. Plus - aside from still being sort of lumpy, lard have the added effect of making the healthy parts of my skin feel as smooth as a newborn baby's butt. I love this stuff.

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    I have been thrilled to discover that my face is clearing up nicely after 2+ mos eating Primally. Oh, and I started taking Vitamin D (I tested low for it last year, but never got in the habit of taking it.) So maybe that's the answer. Either way, I'm so happy to finally have clear skin -- and I'm 30!

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    Wiping my face gently with clean paper towels instead of bath towels helped me.
    Cetaphil is a mild face cleanser that is fairly effective

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    I had very stubborn acne before and I think quitting the grains and sugars helped me the most in terms of acne. Before when I was eating typical SAD, I found that zinc supplementation helped immensely. I took 50mg a day of chelated zinc and had NO acne even with all the crap I was eating. Once I started low-carb, and then ventured into paleo/primal, the acne went away on it's own, so I stopped taking zinc every day. I only get spots when I cheat and eat chocolate or something wheat-y.

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    Skin improvement has been hands down one of the top five reasons why I've enjoyed Primal so much, in relation to other dietary lifestyles I've attempted. My skin is better than it's ever been. I only get acne when my menstrual cycle is approaching and even then it is very mild and I never break out. I do get dry on my legs and knuckles when it gets cold out, so a bottle of jojoba oil has come in handy for that.

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    I love this stuff.

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    I had acne on my face as a teenager, it finally went away when I started scrubbing to exfoliate my face during my daily shower, I was using St. Ives apricot scrub, which is a very popular product still available. I believe that exfoliating to remove excess dead skin cells removes some of the stuff the acne feeds on, as well as some of the acne-causing bacteria themselves, and I have very little problem since then. You should scrub whenever your face feels rough, until it feels smooth, but not so much that the skins is red or abraded (that can make it worse). For a more Paleo approach you can also scrub with just a loofah and water, or baking soda or salt (make a paste with a little water); whatever, just until all the skin feels quite smooth. Before that I needed a complicated, particular, and precarious combination of cleansers, astringents, and lotions to just keep the acne bearable.
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