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Thread: Dad sent me this article...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarAbe View Post
    Around here, we know better, but sadly it's not the case overall. A good half, at least, of the people I know who are gluten-free DO in fact simply replace it with gluten-free pasta/cookies/cake/whatever. I try to point out that just because it's gluten-free doesn't mean it's healthy, and am often met with annoyed looks.

    Doesn't make the article any less stupid though.
    Dietitians here in the UK who help people with coeliac disease actually promote the gluten free replacements, and we can even get them on prescription! I was looked at funny when I told my dietitian I didn't want them. They taste like kak too, for the most part - you can just taste sugar and nasty oil that leaves a funny taste in a lot of the baked goods.

    So if we are nutritionally uneducated, then certainly here in the UK I blame dietitians like Tallmadge (we have her ilk over here too) who promote the high carb high grain stuff over educating people properly about food....oh wait, they wouldn't get their kickbacks from the "healthy junk food" promoters, whether gluten free or not, then would they? Buying fresh fruit and veg and meat and fish and unprocessed foods doesn't earn big food companies money. Sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiveX View Post
    Interesting...Katherine Tallmadge must work for Nabisco/Kraft. Since I am obviously uneducated about nutrition, i better pass on purchasing her book, because I wouldn't understand it. AvatarAbe does makes a good point regarding folks that think buying gluten free items is going to be healthier.

    2 months ago I went all in on Paleo lifestyle. I've gone from 202 to 175. I've lowered my blood pressure from 145/90 to 106/68. I cut out all crap carbs (microbrews too unfortunately, sigh) and just watch carb intake. It's real simple, bad carbs are the demon whether they are gluten free or not. I'm pretty happy with this lifestyle, oops! Gotta run and flip my grass fed ribeye! Peace...5x
    WOW! That's impressive. Congratulations!

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    Seems like most people who must go gluten-free complain loudly about how expensive the substitute products are. Hardly anyone considers eliminating foods you can't eat and eating more of what's left: vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts, and rice. When I went gluten-free, my food costs went down because I was no longer buying artisan bread. Instead I was eating rice purchased in giant sacks at an Asian store.

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