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Thread: Eating coconut oil straight...

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    It makes me gag, too. I'm sure if I could choke it down I'd be running to the bathroom pronto.

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    I love to cook with it. Pork and eggs, especially, I find are complemented by the hint of coconut flavor. I always lick the spoon cause I love the taste of coconut. But treating it like a food doesn't feel right to me. I will eat coconut flesh before I'll eat the extracted oil.
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    Same as Paleobird for me. It is a great energizer for me, keeps me going while I am preparing dinner sometimes. I actually like it, let it melt in my mouth.
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    I do it when I think I'm losing too much weight and need more fat in my day, I prefer coconut oil to butter because of how it's metabolized, I just pop a few tablespoon in the freezer and eat. It helps that I love coconut.
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    I eat it straight up every couple of days cos' I find it's like taking a supplement for my skin Makes it so much softer and less prone to dehydration.
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    In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

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    I've just started using coconut oil and I really like it. I used 1/2 tblsp in my coffee and really thought it was nice addition to my coffee 'repertoire'. I've also cooked with it and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't make everything taste like coconut.

    Logically I should think eating it off a spoon is fine because I eat cheese which gets most of its calories from fat, but eating pure fat off a spoon is odd to me. Not wrong, just odd. I do lick the spoon when I cook with it.

    That said, if I ever need to gain weight, I can see how adding a couple of spoonfuls would help.

    It's very rich. Over the last week, I've increased my use. Yesterday, between coffee and cooking, I ate about three and a half tablespoons - no runs. But I think if I would have eaten that much the first day, I would have had to invest in some toilet paper company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YogaBare View Post
    I eat it straight up every couple of days cos' I find it's like taking a supplement for my skin Makes it so much softer and less prone to dehydration.
    Yep. It's like a moisturizer from the inside out

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    Quote Originally Posted by returnfreerisk View Post
    I eat it straight on occasion and it suppresses hunger quite well. I have never used it for the quick energy benefits (putting to a workout test), but some say 1-2 tbsp helps.
    I usually have a spoonful in the morning and lunch if I'm fasting for the day. Also tend to have a spoonful shortly before going for a good run -- it seems to help.

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    For me, the best way to eat coconut oil is in solid form. I refrigerate one bottle and the other, the one I use to cook with, I leave out at room temp and usually it is liquid or semi liquid state.

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    Sometimes when I am a little hungry but don't need a meal, I will take a spoonful or put some in a cup of coffee. fills me up for a few more hours.
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