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Thread: Leaky gut + autoimmune protocol = Starving

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    Leaky gut + autoimmune protocol = Starving

    Trying to heal a leaky gut and do the autoimmune protocol.

    Doing PB. Have also erased:

    Legumes, dairy, nuts, seeds.

    Considering erasing FODMAPS and fruits as well.

    Last month my only food sources has been Rib eye, liver, bacon, lettuce, cucumber, banana, olive oil and some sea salt and carrots. Thats it, nothing else at all.

    Just got back some vitamin defeciancy results (test taken just a couple days into the diet so its not because of it). Folic acid (B9) being a major one.

    My question is:

    What would you add to my daily food list if you could choose freely? (No spices and shit, im starving on this PB. I need calories and nutrition. Dont care about taste)

    Something thats not against the autoimmune protocol or messing with a leaky gut is the "only" demand. I was thinking brocolli then google told me it was a FODMAP..

    Any ideas would be extremely extremely loved!
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