Hi Everyone,

In my efforts to analyze the health and nutrition for both myself and my SO, I have started building a spreadsheet to track key numbers in our lives. (This helps me twofold, as I am also taking an excel course and find that a topic I am interested in helps me practice and apply things learned in class to a better degree than the coursework alone.) I am trying to figure out some very basic numbers, and having trouble because I am NOT eating packaged food of any kind. Go figure. I want to make my own spreadsheet for my SO and I to share, to track our data, and to get a good overview of our very different issues [him: underweight, exhausted - me: overweight, exhausted :P] that I am trying to heal through the same means: wholesome food and basic, unstructured exercise, where exercise may be considered deliberate physical activity, and also calories expended through the course of our regular busy lives.

Things I currently track:

Food and water intake
Whether a meal contains GMO ingredients or not (for my own curiosity)
When we eat out, either separately or together
Weight (once weekly)

Things I want to figure out and log:

Calorie counts of home made foods
- This will end up being a pretty comprehensive nutritional catalog very similar to what you might find in a restaurant's Nutritional Facts PDF. But HOW do I determine the data, when home-cooked food tends to be imprecisely prepared and portioned?
- May also desire to track fat/protein/carbs but am more concerned with calories to begin
Calories he and I burn through our usual day [I am really clueless to figure this one out.]
Calories expended through yoga
The # of calories I should be aiming for to decrease to a healthy weight.
The # of calories he should be aiming for to increase to a healthy weight.

I am also looking for simple body weight exercises that he and I may be able to do together - very basic and quick ones for the morning before we head out to work. We are both terribly out of shape and have sedentary jobs. We both attend college in addition to working ~50 hours a week. We both have extracurricular activities that take up a large quantity of time but are not physical (he is an artist, I raid competitively in WoW (don't judge me! :P)). I also caretake a bedridden mom for 8 hours every Sunday.

This seems really open ended and impossible to me, to determine all this stuff. I know this is a LOT of help to ask, and if I thought hiring a nutritionist might help, I'd consider it... I think we all know how that would go, though. [Eat moar fiber, run forever!]

Thanks for feedback, if any!