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Thread: Calculating CICO: Home-made Food, Irregular Exercise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivanthe View Post
    Are you IFing? If you add breakfast back in, or lengthen your window, you'll probably be hungrier and fit more in.

    I'm not trying to make you overeat, because it's great that you're not hungry, but i'm afraid of you undereating. Maybe an easy modification for now would be to switch the ground turkey for ground beef?
    I do IF on weekends, I typically eat only 1, maybe 2 meals on Sat/Sun. I eat B, L, D during the week, no snacking.

    I use turkey in chili and sauces because I like the texture of it better in those forms. Not sure why. I hate ground turkey in any other circumstance but in chili and sauce it is magical!

    I worry that I am undereating too, but eating more, that is also compliant, is tough for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivanthe View Post
    That sounds about right, it takes more energy based on how much mass you have, so it would be high.

    The rate is based on the -600cals it's giving you if you follow eating 2000. But of course, being an estimate, it could go faster for you especially as you have a lot to lose, but as you get closer it slows down.

    Slower can be better for preventing an excess of loose skin though.
    About 1 lb a week is perfect. Much more than that is not sustainable. While you will loose weight on PB if you're overweigt, PB is a way of eating for life, not for fast weight loss in a short time.

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