Hi all!
New to forums, not to Primal, so here goes:

The Questions:

My name: Kate
Your location: Boston

Age (If you want): 40 (birthday next week!)

How Primal are you: In the kitchen only. (I wear lots high heels, and really bright running shoes. Don't tell Mark)

Do you consume dairy: Yes, in moderation (My homemade morning latte=my best friend)

Do you drink coffee or tea: YES! BOTH!

Motivator for switching to Primal: Diagnosed with IBS made worse by a gluten sensitivity

Favorite exercise: Sight seeing or snorkeling. Or walking my dog. Or walking my kids. Swimming in the ocean. Swimming anywhere. Gardening + yard work. I guess I just like being active.

Favorite Primal food: The incredible, edible egg. (scrambled with tons of spinach + hot sauce)

Best part about being Primal: Finally getting my IBS under control!

Worst part about being Primal: Nothing really. In general I don't eat carbs, dairy, etc, however, I'm not going to die if I eat french fries or a pizza every once in a while. You can't obsess over food.

Actually I take that back, sort of. I love to cook, entertain + feed my family healthy foods. I believe food is medicine + after going off meds for IBS, I am living proof Just started a foodie blog if you all are interested. With three children I need fast, family friendly foods, and that's what I concentrate on. You can check it out here
Otherwise I look forward to chatting + learning from all of you. I don't know really anyone who eats like me, so I'm pretty excited to find this forum. So..Hello!
xx, Kate,
the primal princess