Looking for suggestions on how to make my back feel better. For a couple weeks now I've been having a lot of lower back pain. I have been able to continue lifting (Wendler 531 on 2 day split) fine, just finished round 3. But this week my back is really bothering me. Sitting on a hard floor (library store hour with the kids) seems to make it really bad, but my couch doesn't help either. This reminds me of the pain I experienced when pregnant with both children. I have been unable to lay flat on the ground since mid-pregnancy with my first child in 2008.

What exercises can I do to help this get better? I have a strong back (squat 150, deadlift 160), so it seems like an alignment issue or something. Would switching to PBF for a while help some of my perhaps smaller muscles to reallign things? Other suggestions?