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    I do a 16/8 plan most of the time and this week I've started having 2 fast days a week too. I was going to eat the 500 or so calories but I was not hungry at all so just had some cofee with heavy cream and felt fine.
    I didn't find ant difference in my workout but I'm not doing heavy weights or anything, just bodyweight.
    Must say I felt great the following morning. Clear headed and energetic as always!

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    I have no affects on my work outs when im fasting during it or not.. I feel great all the time.. Im cutting weight and im still increasing my strength with a push/pull routine 6x a week sunday being my day off

    Quote Originally Posted by Pam916 View Post
    For those that have the extended fasts, do they have an adverse effect on your workouts? Weight lifting in particular?
    Being consistent, gets results...

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