Hi everyone my name is karl, I'm 27.. About 15 months ago i was very over weight with a ton of health issues.. Back problems, asthma, anxiety and the list goes on.. I was 250 lbs at 5'7... My doctor told me i needed to change the way i ate, other wise i was going to have a heart attack by the time i was in my mid 30's. That was a huge wake up call for me..

I got married, and had a beautiful baby boy, who is my world.. I made him a promise when he was born to get fit and healthy.. I wanted my boy to have a father for many years down the road to guide him in the right path.. So, now 15 months later I'm still at it, and in the best shape of my life.. He is my inspiration to the whole weight loss journey i'v been on..

December 2011 at 250 lbs

march 2013 179 lbs