Yesterday, my dad was diagnosed with lung, spine and liver cancer. I was expecting a cancer diagnosis, but I didn't think it would be this bad. He begins radiation and chemo on Monday. I know some of you have been caregivers. Any tips to make him more comfortable during treatment? Anything I should read? Whatever you can suggest is greatly appreciated.

Also, I continually thought of my primal community during the past 24 hours. The only cheat I had was a cough drop to freshen my mouth. The old me would have eaten those leftover Subway cookies, the Cracker Barrel biscuits, and other crap. The new and much improved me kept her insulated lunch box packed with primal fare. I also took tai chi breaks (my hamstrings are sore!), wore my V55s (and received much positive attention from many people), and, when I had some time alone, I sang loudly to The Gourds in my car. I love my new life. It serves me well, even during trying times.