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Thread: My Dad Has Cancer

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    i have nothing of value to add except sending you my condolences, well wishes, and white light. you are in my prayers.

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    Heart thoughts for you and your family!

    And a tip? Mouth care! All those treatments can wreak havoc on his appetite. One thing you can help with is making sure at least his mouth wants to eat and drink.
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    I am sorry that your father and family have to go through this. I lost my mother 11 years ago to breast cancer and my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but died from the flu before treatment (he was 81). My sister now has colon cancer metastasized to her liver and is on her third chemo treatment. I just listened to a podcast on Jimmy Moore's site of an interview with Dr. Thomas Sayfried who is doing some amazing work with carb/calorie restriction and brain tumors. He made a rather amazing statement on the podcast that if everyone went on a complete fast for one week per year, there would be no cancer. Cancer cells thrive on sugar - deprive them and they die faster than your other cells because their mitochondria do not work properly. Might be worth a listen. My sister listened with me and while she is not going for the complete fast, she has cut out all carbs while going through this latest therapy. She has also started taking 6000 IU of Vitamin D3. Amazingly, her doctor told her that he didn't like patients to take supplements during chemo, ignoring the boatloads of research articles I printed for her to take to him about low Vit. D levels and cancer. I think people need to take control of their own health because they are not going to get much more than standard care from the medical community. Get educated about the treatments and be an advocate for your dad. It tends to be easier for a patient to just go with the flow and it's hard for them to stand up for themselves. My thoughts are with you - hang in there!

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